January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm starting off the new year with my first post. So, it's been a good year, if not a bit rough due to the economic failings of North American society, whatevs. The best thing that happened to me this year was when I got married (April 3rd, 2009) for time and all eternity to my beautiful wife, Steph. She's awesome and stuff!

Since then I have been working full time as a butcher at Macey's in West Jordan Utah. Yeah, I know a lot about cutting meat. So I've learned some new things, incl
uding married life, and how friends often disappear or rather melt into the crowd of returning missionaries, etc. (single people tend to shy away from us married folk.)
I have also had the privilege to play some awesome games that have come out. Games like Dragon Age Origins and Modern Warfare 2 came out and blew me away, like literally I was amazed. Also, I discovered the wonderfullness that is Gamefly and have played many games and upped my Xbox 360 Gamerscore. (Yeah, I'm absolutely OCD for achievements.) I also just got turned on to Netflix fo
r PS3.... yeah AWESOME! Instant access to TV Shows and Movies, epic! It's really inexpensive too.
So 2009 has been a great year, Avatar was an awesome movie, video games are great, marriage is an adventure, and work, well it sucks. 2010 is going to be amazing.

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