January 10, 2010


James and I had a conversation via cell phones, and here it is.

Me: Ur aw3som3! L33t!!11!
The Ninja: I know. So is collin.
Me: Yeah, but he's like on a whole other level of epicness.
The Ninja: True true. 48 5585Jpd jgtmdajtw knelt ulcelestym bluen.
Me: I havent attained the level of awesome in order to comprehend that last part.
The Ninja: So how did you read the first and middle parts?
Me: I could only guess, the rest obliterated my mind. Luckily I backed it up earlier. Restore point for the win!
The Ninja: Comprehensions fail! Back up brain win!
Me: Exactomundo! A word I have never used until now... Win!!!!!!! Boom! say goodbye to your arms suckah!

The Ninja: Thats not good, having no arms. But the point is they don't have to be deadly! They just look at you and suddenly your mind is filled with questions about the purpose of life!
Me: I find it hard to believe that arms can stare at me, but whatev! btw, hiyah! Your arms are back...from space or something.
The Ninja: Yeah. Its good cuz I have only been to Canada once.
Me: Oooooookayeeeee. Ive only been to alpha centauri 8907778599 times, not to brag.
Me: So what is the deadliest letter in the alphabet?
The Ninja: 'X' because its most like a shuriken and its what they draw on cartoon's eyes when they die.
Me: Oooh good one. I was going to say N cuz the N on sesame street was awesome looking. Plus ninjas.

There is a sample of what its like to be a Ninja, and also crazy awesome! Yeah... PEACE!

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