January 14, 2010

Math is my best friend!

I am taking a math course right now and holy crap!  I haven't done math in nearly 7 years, but I can tell you this I'm remembering quickly.  I graduated in 2003 and the math course I took in my senior year was, lets face it, not that hard.  It was geometry 1.  So, I breezed through it thinking that math was only secondary in my education.  Boy have I been wrong.  A lot of the majors that I'm interested in require extensive mathematics.  Here I am, starting at the bottom rung, well almost, in Math 920.  But it's a relief as to how easy and how helpful it has been so far.  Two classes and already I'm feeling more confident in my capabilities to solve mathematical equations.  Now, we've only just started, and the harder stuff is going to come up, but I'm actually paying attention this time around, and not doodling in class like I did in High School.

The professor is pretty cool too.  It's supposed to be a 3 hour long class, but he cuts it closer to 2 and a half.  He tells us that Math is our best friend!  Hilarious, but true.  I've never been excited about doing math, but he is making it fun by adding in jokes, and fun situations along with witty if somewhat crass remarks/banter.  I think that I will get better as the class progresses, and the good thing is that I will be able to go from Math 920 to 990 and then onto whatever course my Major will require, such as 1010, or 1050 or whatever.  (One of those may be medical, but I don't know.)  Math is my worst subject, but I feel pretty confident that it will become much stronger in the coming months.  I just did an hour and a half of study and I'm improving, so hooray for math!  This Tuesday is our first test too, so I'll need to study more, awesome!

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