January 02, 2010

What have they done?

Okay, how many times has a book been turned into a movie or television series?  Countless times no doubt.  How many of those adaptations were true to form and actually any good?  That depends on the interpreter, or producers, directors, etc.  How is this fair to the viewer?  Often times it isn't.  Despite all this, books like Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Golden Compass have been recreated in cinematic form, and to be honest they were pretty good, but not 100% accurate.  A lot of that has to do with how the director feels the movie should flow.  Books and movies don't flow the same, in fact a book transliterated into a movie is a terrible thing.  It would take much too long to create the movie itself, and the audience would get bored, fast. 
It's a sad fact but we live in a world filled with entertainment seekers.  People who need to be entertained constantly and quickly.  Books are a fantastic source of entertainment for me, and I am content with reading one over a long period of time.  One of my favorite authors is Terry Goodkind.  His Sword of Truth series is a compelling fantasy that keeps me on the edge of my seat.  The story is well constructed and the characters are well developed.  I have even begun listing to the audiobooks and they are so very good.  The voice actor delivers the parts expertly and drives home a sense of realism to the story.  From book to audiobook, there is a flawless transference of the story, however, there is another adaptation that I was excited more about.  'The Legend of the Seeker', a television program that is on the air currently.  I watched the preview and thought "Oh, that looks really good! I've got to check that out."  So I did, and... It was wrong.  So wrong in so many ways it upset me.
I should have guessed really, the title of the show incorporates the word Legend, so the director could diverge from the actual storyline and create his own new take on the Sword of Truth series.  To say the least, he changed almost every character background story, and several crucial elements and plot devices, including the main plot that made the first book, 'Wizards First Rule' so incredibly good.  I was furious!  I'm sure others felt the same way too.  In short, I advise strongly against watching 'The Legend of the Seeker', unless you have not read 'The Sword of Truth' Novels, in which case you should read them instead of watching the TV series.  The serial may look promising, but in every way it has disappointed me.  So I'm just going to stick with what I love, the books themselves.

Don't be fooled by how 'cool' it looks.

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