March 24, 2010

Grrrrgh! CAR REPAIRS!!!!

I have a 2007 Scion tC and I was stupid enough to not brake sufficiently in the snow, thereby slamming into a curb and messing up my alignment.  That was back in the beginning of February.  Well, here at the end of March, I decide to take it in to Big O for them to have a look see.  Turns out a major component, the control arm, is bent and needs to be replaced.  Well, they say it will cost about 450 dollars.  That's including the realignment that I need.

 Soooo, I resigned myself to having to pay that much, however out of curiosity I peeked on the internet to see what the prices were for that part.  What'dya know, they ain't that expensive after all.  Turns out, I could get a replacement for under a hundred bucks, and possibly replace it myself.  I didn't find out this exactly until I joined a forum and asked some repair questions.  I hate having to fix things, but more than that I hate having to pay loads of money to get the job done.  Sure, those people have jobs, and they need the work, but the pricing is so inflated that it makes no sense!  I think that I'll just start learning how to do more repairs myself.

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