April 21, 2010

The New Doctor

As many may know, well just those who pay attention to Doctor Who, the new series has started.  There are already 3 episodes now, but lets talk about the Easter Special.  Essentially it's the first episode albeit a special that runs a little over sixty minutes.  There were several specials featuring the previous doctor David Tennant in which he continued his journeys sans companion.  Those all culminated in the 10th Doctor's death, however, he regenerated into current Doctor Matt Smith.  Yeah, well at first I wasn't thrilled.

Anyway, right to the point here.  Matt Smith came after the single most greatest actor to take the role of the Doctor, in my opinion.  Other people I know who have watched the original Doctors agree with that.  So, little ol' Matt new to the game jumps on in with loads of confidence.  Needless to say I wasn't completely disappointed.  My wife was a bit upset, but whatever. (:P)  The good thing is that the 11th Doctor's companion is tall, gorgeous and Scottish!  Heck yeah! SCOTTISH!  The special was hilarious and awesome.  Matt blended in the Doctor with his own new style and acting which was really good.  Some things Matt Smith said seemed a little forced and not as natural as David Tennant but what do you expect?

I give the new Doctor two thumbs up personally.  I've since seen two other episodes which show the deeper side of the Doctor, and that Amy Pond is just as awesome and good as Rose!  Yeah, no kidding, I think that she could give Rose a run for her money, after a few more episodes that is.  Amy is fearless, which is a trait that seems to be a must for the Doctors greatest companions.  After rose this is how it goes, Rose+Doctor=Companion Perfection, (well as close as it gets), Martha+Doctor=meh, Donna+Doctor=pretty awesome, but not as good as Rose, Amy+Doctor=close enough to Rose that it's freaking awesome!

So, on a scale of one to ten I give the new Doctor a 9.5.  It's funny, it's exciting, emotional, and everything that the doctor is supposed to be, just in a brand new package with a brand new companion.  Check it out, you wont regret it!

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