September 02, 2010

ZOMG! Not really, I guess. Cuz there aren't any zombies involved and stuff... Whatevs!

So I saw one of the most hilarious and awesome movies with my two best buds and my wife last night.  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  Based on manga like graphic novels, and also made into a video game, this movie represents a ton of video game culture that is downright awesome to the max.  I lost count of how many video game references were in the movie after the first fifteen minutes.  I thoroughly enjoyed this film and recommend it to anyone who loves video games and those of you who love to laugh.

On a totally unrelated not (to the film that is, but still within the bounds of geek talk) some new footage for COD: Black Ops came out this morning.  HOLY FLIPPING CRABCAKES!  I'm uberdy dooper excited about this next foray into the COD realm.  Not only does Treyarch keep most of the multiplayer elements from Modern Warfare 2 that made it great they managed to add some modes that are totally new and original, not to mention they look really fun.  Take a peek.

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