November 10, 2010

Cyberpunk ga daisuki desu yo!

I've recently read a great novel by Neal Stephenson, you may or may not have heard of it.  It's name is Snow Crash.  This novel's genre has been defined as Cyberpunk, a standard that was set forth, unofficially and semi-officially, by William Gibson in his novel titled, Nueromancer.  Both authors have written other works, but so far to me these stand out as peerless works of the genre in which they are set in.  In Stephenson's Snow Crash, published in 1992, he sort of foretells of things that the future holds, in other words he presents a future that is so strange and outrageous that you will recognize it immediately.  What I found was that most of what he had written then has either come to pass or is being developed in reality.  William Gibson also did the same, in fact some may claim that his coining of the word cyberspace actually inspired Tim Berners-Lee's discovery/invention of the World Wide Web in 1990 along with the advent of the Internet.  Even before Gibson and Stephenson's individual works, came the feature length movie Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott in 1982, before that even was the manga of Akira in 1980.  I am fascinated by the many facets that the cyberpunk genre presents.  Various works have reached incredible notoriety ever since, including Japanese Manga and Anime feature films and series.