December 17, 2010

I Fight for the Users

      I just saw one of the most visually stunning sci-fi films of my life.  Tron Legacy, although it shows very little of Tron himself, is by far one of my favorite films of the holiday season, and will go down in history as one of my favorite movies of all time.  I won't give any story away, but I will say this, it is a must see movie of 2010.  If you saw the original Tron, then you may be hesitant.  I never have, which is okay since this film fills in the gaps just enough to get you rolling.  
      If for no other reason at all, you should see this film because of the incredible soundtrack it has.  Akin to the dirty and deep synthtones and bass beats of yesteryear circa 1980s, not to mention incredible Disney quality orchestration.  Most, or, all of the music was done by the  beatmasters of Daft Punk, who I suspect made a cameo appearance wearing robo costumes in the film.  A lot of the music reminded me of Deus Ex, particularly the new installment Human Revolution coming early next year. 

         I can only pray that that too will be made into a film.   Aside from that, in Tron there is a lot of geek speak, and I seem to remember them referring to the cyberspace-like environment as the grid.  If I remember correctly, Hiro Protagonist refers to the cyberspace as the grid in Snow Crash.  On top of that there's an intense motorcycle chase in that book which somewhat mirrors that of the Tron movies.  There are so many mirrored intricacies and similarities, however, each work retains it's symbolic individualism while still remaining within the realm of science fiction.  It's simply amazing, I love it!  Tron Legacy, SO AWESOME!  Deus Ex  I can hardly wait, please do not disappoint.

BTW, this dudes name is Adam Jensen.  Yep, he's a Jensen, naturally.


  1. So i take it you will really want to see it again with me?!

    It sounds like you will have to do a lot of explaining though about the first movie- that or we will just have to watch that one first!

  2. TRRRRROOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!! So freakin' GREAT! I loved it, listening to the soundtrack the next day makes me love it all over again! AHH! If you do see it again, let me know, I'm definitely up for watching it again... and again and again and... :P

    Steph- As Phil said, it explains it well enough, the original TRON is something that few people outside of Uber Nerdom would actually appreciate... You don't really need to watch the original to enjoy this one.