December 29, 2011

Bragging rights

So I had a pretty awesome Christmas this year. My work party was at La Caille, I got a sizable Christmas bonus, I learned how to make Ginger Beer, I'm getting a check for 3 weeks worth of work, and I had a blast with my in-laws and my family throughout the holidays. I love my family, I love my job, and I love Christmas time! What a great year! Here's hoping next will be just as awesome if not more.

December 19, 2011


This morning, right before I woke up I experienced a most interesting dream. It was so lifelike that I got confused midway through. Thankfully my wife's phone rang waking me from the most surreal dreamscape I've experienced in months.

Now, I know that dreams don't last very long, perhaps a few seconds. This dream seemed to last for hours. If you've ever watched Inception then you know it's a scientific fact that the brain thinks faster when you are asleep and dreaming, therefore dreams feel much longer than they are in real life. Well, whatever. If you didn't know that then look it up or something, I'm not here to teach you neurology.

Anyway, on to the dream itself. I was in a game, literally in it. I think it was a sort of Halo game, but given that I haven't played that in ages seems odd to me. Anyway, it carried a more realistic tone to it so I'll just say that it was some sort of military shooter game. Yeah.

November 26, 2011

Summed Up: My "Little" Skyrim Review

To start I just have to say that I'm so impressed with Bethesda Softworks ability to provide a truly satisfying 'vanilla' game this time around.  That being said I can go on to expunge my extensive exploration of Skyrim and it's numerous dungeons.

Before I started modding the game I took it as it was, a breathtaking adventure of monumental proportions. I started out as a humble Argonian prisoner of war and then blossomed into a death defying terror of unimaginable power. I will go into more detail providing screens of actual gameplay from my earliest stage to my latest.
aw, look at how cute and weak he is

November 01, 2011

Break it down

My oh my, another TV show that I've started watching.  Surprise, surprise! I'm Addicted! But seriously, this show is legit!  A chemistry teacher finds out he has cancer and decides to cook meth. Do I have to explain this any further?  Perhaps I do.

October 30, 2011

Tragic: The Garnering


I've recently started playing Magic: The Gathering, which also means that I've started collecting cards to play with.  It's actually quite fun.  Here's a fun fact that will make you think MTG is even nerdier, the creator of the game is/was a Mathematician.  Which ultimately makes sense because the core gameplay mechanics center around mathematical checks and balances.

A standard deck is composed of 60 cards.  24 of those are creature or artifact cards, 12 are spells, which consist of instants, enchantments, and sorcery, and the last 24 are Land cards, which grant Mana, allowing you to play those creature, artifact, and spell cards.  Not only that, but you have to make sure that you always have enough mana to do what you want in the game.  If you don't you're dead before you start.

October 25, 2011

New Fave

My friends (Josh, Dustin and Dez) and family (Evan and Tomas) have introduced me, in a round about way or by word of mouth, to the television series of The Walking Dead which is based on a graphic novel series of the same name.

So after a lonesome graveyard shift during which I started watching it on Netflix and to my surprise I found out that I love it to death!  I watched the whole first season in one sitting, and since then I've hungered for more.  It's that good! Not only are the special effects good, the acting is some of the best I've seen in a television series, and the story is well written.  The characters are especially great, and feel like real people.

October 24, 2011

War, HAH! What is it good for?

Money obviously.  At least for video game developers like EA's DICE and Activision/Blizzard's Infinity Ward, creators of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 respectively.  "...for neither can live while the other survives...", at least that's how fan's choose to feel about these two incredible titles. Which I think is a stupid way to look at the two games.

I am always ready to compromise between different game franchises.  For instance, I love a good shooter and I'm perfectly happy to play any shooter that I feel effectively employs good gameplay.  I liked Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, I liked Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I liked Medal of Honor (2010 ver.), I liked Call of Duty: Black Ops, and I really like both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3.  They both exude exciting game mechanics, graphics, and stories.  Multiplayer is where it's at when it comes to these titles though, so don't get your pants in a wad.

October 11, 2011

Video Game Fast

Steph decided to torture me, by putting me on a diet.  Not just any regular diet, but a diet from Video Games.  This is good for me though.  I have time to be more creative.  I still get to play Minecraft, which is good.  I've made a lot of really neat stuff in it now.  At any rate, I've resolved to do more creative projects, and I've got plans to start drawing a comic series.  It'll be about me and Steph and random things, mostly TV and Video Game pop culture related.  I think it will be rather hilarious.  But before that happens, we will be off to sunny SoCal for a week to go to Disneyland Park!  I'm so excited.  Oh yeah, I'm getting the full time position offered to me at work.  Time to work harder than ever.  On a related note, I will not have time for D&D on Friday's because of my schedule.  That wont change until November though.  That's my life in a nutshell for the moment.  See ya later!

October 03, 2011


Well well well well well.... well.  Ahem!  I've been away for a good long time now.  Suffice it to say I've been busy with stuff. Namely the Battlefield 3 Beta, Minecraft, School, Work, a lot of D&D and some Wing Chun Kung Fu (I'm learning under the tutelage of none other than Shinobijim).

I still haven't been invited to Diablo III beta, so to curb my insatiable hunger for it I've been playing through Titan Quest: Immortal Throne.  It's a good Diablo II clone with various tweeks and features, plus in full isometric top down zoomable 3D.  It came out a while back, but it has impressive graphics, and fun gameplay.  I die a lot in it actually, so some of the gameplay is annoying as crap!   But I digress.

September 14, 2011

Been A While

It's been a couple weeks or so since I last made a blog entry.  Things are going fine.  Life is well... life.  I have a semi-dedicated Minecraft server set up from my home computer, which is fun to build on.  Currently Curtis, Chris, Dustin, Dez, Steph and my Big Bro James are members of it.  It's just fun to hop on and create stuff that's cool to look at.  Anyway, Steph and I are going with James to Minecon this year.  It's in Vegas on November 17-19th.  It's going to be fantastic, I can hardly wait!

School and Work, Work and School and occasional play are the norm for me now.  Side note, my car needs new tires before winter strikes, and possibly new brakes.  I love my car now, it's definitely grown on me.  Part of my school schedule this semester is a cardio class, which is helping me be more healthy.  I'm going to get rid of my gut and tone up.  My goal is to be at a body fat percentage of at least 15%.  Right now I'm at around 23% which is pretty sad.  Yeah I'm overweight, stupid delicious snacks and fast food.

August 26, 2011

Top 10 Video Game Countdown

10.  Quake for PC
I'm giving Quake the number ten position mainly due to the fact that it was the first 3D game I seriously invested time in. As far as gameplay goes it's fairly identical to any FPS of the day (back when Doom and Doom II were kings).  Where it shines is it's use of 3D graphics and overall creepiness. It seriously scared the crap out of me countless times.  It was also fun to play around with the console commands to change gravity and how enemies act.  If you ask me, without Id softwares numerous game offerings we wouldn't be enjoying the FPS's of today.

August 24, 2011

Diablo III beta, next month?!

Is Diablo III's beta starting in September? I really really hope so.  I'm going a little crazy here wondering when the beta is going to start, and according to the interwebz it's slated for next month sometime.  That in no way means I will get an invite right away.  The Diablo III wiki's and news reports at state that the game will be released 6 months after the beta is announced.  This means that I may get a chance to play the beta in that time frame.

It's maddening to know about it but not really know. Meanwhile I've been biding my time by looking into another game similar in style to Diablo II.  It's called Path of Exile.  It's a free to play online game set in the post apocalyptic future...? but without advanced technology apparently.  The developers are in New Zealand, the same goes for the servers I imagine, so lag will be an issue, however, the game itself looks rather good.  Check it out for yourself if you please. You can even sign up for the beta which has already started.

August 23, 2011

Television! but more importantly DOCTOR FREAKING WHO IS STARTING UP AGAIN!

I love watching TV shows, but I hate TV.  To combat the incessant commercial nature of TV I have gone to great lengths in obtaining shows in a less conventional but more popular way.  Needless to say, I enjoy commercial free TV shows all the time.  Currently my favorite shows are Doctor Who, Thundercats (2011), Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Bones, and Psych.  Most of these shows are scheduled for episodes starting very soon, Thundercats is ongoing right now, and it's top notch.  My most anticipated show for this fall is 30 Rock, and secondly Parks and Recreation.  Honestly, these two shows are absolutely hilarious.  However this month, my most anticipated TV show is Doctor Who!  Just five more days and we'll get to see some truly amazing things from this long running BBC sci-fi epic!  I can hardly wait!

August 16, 2011

Top Ten Video Game Anomalies

So this is a countdown of the ten things in video games that I find to be strange and unnatural or just down right annoying as heck!  Aside from that and the fact that all video games are complete fantasy, except sports games apparently, this list is really just for fun and is in no way serious, so if you don't agree then tough cookies!

10.  Glitch'o'Rama
  •  Making a video game takes a lot of people, and people aren't perfect so, we get to experience the frustration of bad game coding, or just pure negligence from game developers.  So... pretty much every game that comes out has a few glitches these days, like getting stuck in a wall, or the ground, or being unable move or use a certain item, perhaps dying for no reason.  Sometimes they are flat out crazy, like being flung around the map in a multiplayer game or having generic characters duplicate on you ad nauseam.  But some games are so bogged down by glitches that they become nearly impossible to play.  I've heard of games like that, and one particularly comes to mind; Hellgate: London.  A friend of mine said that even after patches and fixes were doled out by the developer the game suffered from horrible glitches that made the game difficult to play.  Such as; failure to load textures in a level, making it impossible to tell foe from a common wall!  Another game that comes to mind, that I have played, is Oblivion for the PC which is still mega-glitchy today, and it's now over five years old.  It is, however, still playable but only barely thanks to the highly dedicated Mod community on the web.  I'd put Fallout 3 in the same boat, but it's only three years old and was a lot better over all.  
  • There are other games out there with good glitches, like being able to duplicate items infinitely in Icewind Dale by using the character arbitration menu mid game, or being able to go through walls in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night by using the Sword Brothers spell at a specific point, or completely bypassing a section of the game by wall jumping like in Super Metroid (well, that's more of trick).  These are glitches that I'm okay with because they give character to a game.

August 10, 2011


Ha ha, If you can't read that then you wont know what this post is about!  Just kidding, I recently wrote about which German car companies were my favorites, now I'm going to give a little spiel on the Japanese Automotive Industry and which ones are my personal favs.

For starters there are a lot of Japanese Car Manufacturers, perhaps the most well know are Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.  Wikipedia has provided a much longer list, some of which are motorcycle and instrument manufacturers but you get the idea.  The major Japanese Automotive groups of today include;  Toyota (Lexus & Scion), Honda (Acura), Daihatsu (owned by Toyota), Nissan (Infiniti, Autech & NISMO), Suzuki, Mazda (pronounced matsuda in Japanese), Mitsubishi (literally meaning 3 diamonds), Subaru, Isuzu, Kawasaki (primarily motorcycles), Yamaha (motorcycles, scooters, recreational boats), and Mitsuoka (cars).

August 07, 2011

I Heart Dragons

My big bro sent me an invite to Spotify recently and I've been loving it.  I'm searching up songs and listening to all the amazingly good bubblegum pop I possibly can!  Here is my current obsession, oooh so good!  Love a good cover, and this one by I Fight Dragons is simply phenomenal!

Oh yeah man! Feel the power of love!

Please, please, please, make this a reality!

August 02, 2011

My Favorite German Car(s)/Auto Groups

A while back I was thoroughly confused when a friend told me that BMW stood for British Motor Works.  I knew this was wrong, but I didn't tell that to his face to save him from possibly being embarrassed.  So I went and did some research into which modern Auto Groups are German based and what not (because I wasn't completely sure myself).

I was surprised to find that there are currently six major German Auto Groups in existence today.  They are as follows; VolksWagen AG (which has acquired and maintains the following marques; Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, and Škoda) , BMW AG (Bavarian Motor Works or Bayerische Moteren Werke in German), Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz), Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG (Porsche, even though owned by VW, was originally Austrian, and not at all Italian, which a lot of people seem to think), Adam Opel AG (which is not widely known in the US except as general car chassis types employed by manufacturers like Saturn), and Ford-Werke GmbH (which is owned by Ford, but works out of Germany, so is technically not a standard German Auto Group that I would think about off the top of my head.).
 Are you confused yet?  Most of the car manufacturers of Europe are in Germany and over half of them are owned by VolksWagen AG.  Those that are not owned by VW, are still part of the whole of European Automobile Production in Germany, which is nearly 30% of Europe total!

July 21, 2011


I read a few webcomics here and there, like Dr. McNinja, Axe Cop and Rat Fist just to name a few.  So, I was looking at Axe Cop's site when I stumbled upon this.  It's going to be a new web comic by the same creator of Axe Cop.  It already looks awesome!  Check it out at on August 3rd.  (I just hope there isn't a love ballad by Steve Tyler of Aerosmith on the site when it goes up.)

July 18, 2011


This sums up how I feel about Owl City rather well.  Be warned, the lyrics are in THE KEY OF AWESOME!

July 13, 2011

Chances of Rain is trying to murder me!

Good posts, but then I started to bleed from every orifice... ow.

Stupidity Runs Thick

I was watching "The Deadliest Warrior" which is... well entertaining to say the least.  After watching a few episodes I decided it would be much more entertaining to skip to the end where they reenact the simulation ran on the computer.  This upped the entertainment value of the show even more. Why?  Because, if you've ever watched an episode you know it's full of psuedo-science and idiotic machismo driven banter.  Each episode focuses on two different warriors, or teams of warriors (i.e. Green Berets, Spetnaz, Israeli Commandos, etc.)  Then they  test the weapons they will use.  This is where the "science" comes in.  They compare the weapons by having so called experts use them on test dummies to simulate real kills.

July 06, 2011

Thundercats, ho!

Man o man, this looks great.  I can't wait to watch this show, it looks pretty dang good.  Can't beat North American animations using Anime styles along with top notch voice acting!

July 04, 2011

Legality and Safety of Work on 4th of July

Here I am at work, up at the research park, by Red Butte gardens. I really hope the building, my car and most importantly that I don't catch on fire today!

I want there to be a law against businesses being open on Holidays, cuz it's lame, and right now kinda unsafe. Hope everyone is having a better time than me... sigh. At least I have the internets.

June 28, 2011

Guess what game sucks

This one!  Yay for War For Cybertron

Cars 2, NEAT!

Steph and I went and saw Cars 2 with a couple friends last night (Mykie and John).  It did not disappoint, although John remarked that it wasn't as funny as the first cars.  I liked it enough and this time around there were a lot more cars, some of which were nearly identical to real life cars.  I recognized some of them, but not all.  Besides that there was a lot of action in this film and a lot less humor.  The animation was still beautifully done as per Pixar's M.O.

Probably the funniest part of the film was when Mater went into a Japanese restroom.  In general there were a lot of stereotypes incorporated into the whole Japan sequence of the film but the complicated Japanese toilet gag was dead on. (been there, done that.)  There was also a funny bit where Mater mistakenly ate a lot of wasabi thinking it was pistachio ice cream.  That was pretty funny by itself, but my wife nearly died on our very first date when she almost ate a huge gob of wasabi. James was egging her on to do it but I stopped her in time, and saved her from an otherwise harrowing first experience with Japanese Sushi Cuisine.  That made it funnier.

Speaking of sushi I want some!

on hackers

The recent attack on Sony and a number of other network infrastructures was claimed as the work of notorious hacker group Lulzsec.  They have disbanded after 50 days of terrorizing people on the internet.  This is what I think of all that.

Seriously... grow up.  It might be fun to mess with other people, but messing with other peoples information is crossing a serious line, even if that information was never used criminally or disseminated to third parties.
I have a theory on why Lulzsec committed these crimes, daddy/mommy issues.  They probably didn't get enough attention from mom or dad, so now they have to get it from the media and people on the internet.

June 27, 2011

Originality... pfeh!

First of all if you haven't seen em check out the short films "Everything's a Remix" by Kirby Furguson, (there are 3 so far).  You can find them on YouTube or on his blog.

After I watched these films I started thinking about all the different movies, plays, music, video games, books and televisions shows that I've watched, read, played, and listened to during my twenty odd years of awareness (I'm not counting the years of 1-5 since I hardly remember them).  Not one of those things was truly new or original.  I suppose in many ways the differences between each genre or medium varied enough to put a new light on each one.  But still, whether it was a movie or TV series, a video game or book series, or whatever, each one drew from another source.  But I didn't know any better, heck I didn't even care or notice until later in life. 

I strongly agree with the films by Kirby in that nothing is new, but everything is a Remix.  I'm totally fine with that too, because familiarity is king when it comes to entertainment.  For example, when describing something for the first time people tend to use a familiar source to explain it.  The same goes for all forms of media.  This is exploited by Hollywood because they understand that people want to see things that are familiar.  Another example is when describing a movie you might tell someone it's like another movie to get them interested.  This is free advertising for movies in general.  We do the same with music, if you like a certain band you might like another band which sounds similar.

June 20, 2011

N64 VS Gamecube... FIGHT!

This argument is totally dated so the following is literally my own take on events and experiences that may differ from person to person so I don't really care what you think.  The point of it is to prove that even though a product was commercially successful it still failed to meet expectations and was an over all disappointment in the end. That product being the N64. (It can join the ranks of the 3DO, Xbox, and Sega Saturn forthwith.)

Recently I made the mistake of postulating that the Gamecube was in fact better than the N64 in terms of games and how good the system was.  I was promptly argued to bed (literally) by my wife that the N64 was brilliant and far superior.  I now realize I will never win against the burgeoning masses of people with nostalgia based opinions of the N64, or the fact that there were a handful of good games that "carried" the N64 (most of which required you to purchase a graphics expansion pak, wtf?) during it's short time.  The numbers don't lie either, there were millions more sold of the N64 console in comparison to the Gamecube, however, I still believe that the latter was a much better system, and was more marketable with it's games selection, and though it did not sell as much was a huge success as far as gaming goes.

The N64 had great titles, mainly those that were 1st party developed (Nintendo titles only). That aside, from an objective standpoint the only other games that were good on the N64 were created by Rare which was still semi-owned by Nintendo, so even that's pushing it.  I honestly don't think of great games when I look back at the N64.  It's launch titles were groundbreaking in the 3D department and all but as a whole the system was not as much a success as it's predesessors.  The Gamecube, while not being a huge success was an incredible precursor to the record breaking Wii system.

June 16, 2011

Absentee Encephalon

I can't believe I haven't been raving on here about E3 yet.  What was I thinking.  Here I was wasting time while at work (which is not to say that I don't actually work) and I could have put down some of my thoughts on E3.

I'm going to make it simple and pain free for you.  If you haven't watched any of the footage yet just watch the Nintendo Press conference.  Everything else is inconsequential in comparison.  I know, I watched all the feeds except for Sony's which I later found out wasn't much of a loss.  Of the major debuts this year at E3, Nintendo's Wii U is at the top of my list.  Most of the other stuff I had already known about, but to actually glimpse the next generation console from Nintendo was truly satisfying.

Innovation is the Key to being Awesome... and expensive

Over the last couple of weeks I've been confined to work. (I stupidly volunteered to cover shifts without realizing it included my shift, while this provides more money, I had to work 12 hour days sitting on my but in front of a computer.) Anyway, to pass the time I watched a lot of TV and Netflix.  I finished watching all the seasons of 30 Rock, I watched WWII in HD, which is a spectacular documentary on the War, I watched Resident Evil: Afterlife (utter garbage) and I also watched the 2nd season of Demitri Martin's show Important Things.  To top it off, in my boredom I decided to watch a documentary on Apple's Macintosh computers.

Now I don't hate Apple, In fact I rather like the company, and I have even used and purchased several of their products over the years. So just for fun I'm going to give a short history of my experience with Apple.
I remember that my brother James and I had an Apple (Apple II or III) computer that was given to our Dad, and we had some games on it, it was pretty cool, but we mostly played the NES and SNES.  Later on I had a friend who owned a PowerMac, which had a color screen.  He had some cool programs on it, but not anything I was really interested in at the time, but to me it was a totally different thing than what I was used to.  At home we had an PC that ran Windows 3.0.  I never got to use it much, so I didn't really know what it was all about.

May 21, 2011

Tinkering away

Found a couple neat sites, first which is a place were you can order custom prints, and even set up your own shop to sell prints and make money., which is similar in a way, but cheaper (but really slow shipping.)  So, because of these sights I've recently made some poster designs, one of which I have purchased.  Hopefully I can't get sued for it since all I'm paying for is a printing service, right?  Anyway, the super mario world poster design is what I purchased. enjoy.

February 22, 2011


I have become a game master using Paizo's Pathfinder 3.5/3.75 ruleset of D&D.  Therefore I am now a complete and utter nerd.  There is possibly no help for me from here on out.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

btw... you are all dooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed!