June 16, 2011

Innovation is the Key to being Awesome... and expensive

Over the last couple of weeks I've been confined to work. (I stupidly volunteered to cover shifts without realizing it included my shift, while this provides more money, I had to work 12 hour days sitting on my but in front of a computer.) Anyway, to pass the time I watched a lot of TV and Netflix.  I finished watching all the seasons of 30 Rock, I watched WWII in HD, which is a spectacular documentary on the War, I watched Resident Evil: Afterlife (utter garbage) and I also watched the 2nd season of Demitri Martin's show Important Things.  To top it off, in my boredom I decided to watch a documentary on Apple's Macintosh computers.

Now I don't hate Apple, In fact I rather like the company, and I have even used and purchased several of their products over the years. So just for fun I'm going to give a short history of my experience with Apple.
I remember that my brother James and I had an Apple (Apple II or III) computer that was given to our Dad, and we had some games on it, it was pretty cool, but we mostly played the NES and SNES.  Later on I had a friend who owned a PowerMac, which had a color screen.  He had some cool programs on it, but not anything I was really interested in at the time, but to me it was a totally different thing than what I was used to.  At home we had an PC that ran Windows 3.0.  I never got to use it much, so I didn't really know what it was all about.

After moving to Utah I didn't touch another Mac again until High School.  I had previously seen in magazines the new iMac, you know the colored ones that were all in one PCs?  Well, I got to use them in my graphics classes, and boy they were different, but not by a whole lot.  The classroom also had a G5 tower that was really nice, but it was hands off for the student body.  I learned to use the OS X then, but not adeptly.  Macs have always been very sleek, well designed and polished products that are very costly.  That's probably why my family has never owned one.  Now Steph and I have a MacBook and a MacBook Pro, although technically they are hers, through marriage they are also mine, yeah, that's right. That is how it works.

You're probably wondering what this has to do with me watching the documentary, well I guess in part is was for the nostalgia of the old Macs that I was somewhat familiar with, now Apple is one of the greatest companies in the world.  Yet, I probably wont buy one brand new.  We also have an iPad 2 which is awesome, and I own and 160GB Classic iPod.  We use the crap out of all of these things. (Steph especially uses the iPad to excess.)  I was just thinking to myself while watching the documentary that the products Apple creates 'are' really awesome, and they 'are' innovative and they cost a crap ton of money!  I've mentioned before in previous posts that I built my own PC and I absolutely love it.  It frustrates me at times, but it runs as good as the sum of all it's parts, which are also costly.  So if I were to break it down, it would be easier but a little more costly to buy a Mac than build a PC, however, Macs aren't for everyone.

I do a lot of gaming, and slowly Macs are gaining more gaming titles everyday, but the majority of them remain on the PC platform.  I also dabble in graphic design, Macs are perfect for that.  Still, both PC and Mac are capable of doing the same thing, so it's a moot point to say which is better overall.  If you want to get into it we could do a tug o' war between the two which would go a little like this: PC is better at multitasking, Mac has a better OS infrastructure, PC is better with 3D graphics via DirectX technology, Mac has multiple proprietary hardware rights which insures the integrity of each machine, PC is easily upgradable, Mac Software is affordable, PC is great for businesses, and on and on, etc, etc.
The truth is either one can perform the same tasks.  So it really annoys me when people act superior when they talk about their machine, whether it be a PC or a Mac.  I've been guilty of it in the past, but since then I've grown to like both.  I use both, so I'm not a hypocrite.  I have fonder feelings for my PC, but that's only because I'm more familiar with it.  I want an iPhone someday.  I'd love to have a new Mac desktop PC, they are flipping sweet!

There is no reason for Mac users to hate PC users or vice versa.  Steve Jobs once said that In order for Apple to succeed we have to let go of the idea that Microsoft has to fail.  I think that sometimes people don't realize that Microsoft and Apple have a partnership, they feed off of each other, and that is why there are both Macs and PCs in this world.  Anyway, this post has gone on too long.  So crazy Mac fanatics of the world, let go of your prejudice, the same goes for fanatical PC users.  Stop being morons.

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