June 28, 2011

on hackers

The recent attack on Sony and a number of other network infrastructures was claimed as the work of notorious hacker group Lulzsec.  They have disbanded after 50 days of terrorizing people on the internet.  This is what I think of all that.

Seriously... grow up.  It might be fun to mess with other people, but messing with other peoples information is crossing a serious line, even if that information was never used criminally or disseminated to third parties.
I have a theory on why Lulzsec committed these crimes, daddy/mommy issues.  They probably didn't get enough attention from mom or dad, so now they have to get it from the media and people on the internet.

If they were just doing it for fun then why attack huge companies and the government which can retaliate fast and hard.  If they get caught they can do time.  Internet laws are very strict, and the minimum jail time for a crime such as hacking into a government site is 1 to 2 years, and that's just for harmless hacking.  Some of what Lulzsec did can be construed as possible cyber-terrorism which is a more serious offense.

Why stop after 50 days?  Probably because they were close to getting caught.  Guess what, they will be caught, and it's really going to suck for them.  It's not worth it to go to jail because all you wanted to do was have a little fun at others expense.  Even if they don't go to jail, you can bet that Sony will sue the ever living crap out of them until they die.

People these days have this feeling of security because of anonymity over the web, but in reality that doesn't give you the excuse to do what ever you please.  There are consequences for your actions, and if you commit a crime eventually you will be caught.  It is the way of life and nobody is exempt.

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