July 21, 2011


I read a few webcomics here and there, like Dr. McNinja, Axe Cop and Rat Fist just to name a few.  So, I was looking at Axe Cop's site when I stumbled upon this.  It's going to be a new web comic by the same creator of Axe Cop.  It already looks awesome!  Check it out at bearmageddon.com on August 3rd.  (I just hope there isn't a love ballad by Steve Tyler of Aerosmith on the site when it goes up.)

July 18, 2011


This sums up how I feel about Owl City rather well.  Be warned, the lyrics are in THE KEY OF AWESOME!

July 13, 2011

Chances of Rain is trying to murder me!

Good posts, but then I started to bleed from every orifice... ow.

Stupidity Runs Thick

I was watching "The Deadliest Warrior" which is... well entertaining to say the least.  After watching a few episodes I decided it would be much more entertaining to skip to the end where they reenact the simulation ran on the computer.  This upped the entertainment value of the show even more. Why?  Because, if you've ever watched an episode you know it's full of psuedo-science and idiotic machismo driven banter.  Each episode focuses on two different warriors, or teams of warriors (i.e. Green Berets, Spetnaz, Israeli Commandos, etc.)  Then they  test the weapons they will use.  This is where the "science" comes in.  They compare the weapons by having so called experts use them on test dummies to simulate real kills.

July 06, 2011

Thundercats, ho!

Man o man, this looks great.  I can't wait to watch this show, it looks pretty dang good.  Can't beat North American animations using Anime styles along with top notch voice acting!

July 04, 2011

Legality and Safety of Work on 4th of July

Here I am at work, up at the research park, by Red Butte gardens. I really hope the building, my car and most importantly that I don't catch on fire today!

I want there to be a law against businesses being open on Holidays, cuz it's lame, and right now kinda unsafe. Hope everyone is having a better time than me... sigh. At least I have the internets.