July 13, 2011

Stupidity Runs Thick

I was watching "The Deadliest Warrior" which is... well entertaining to say the least.  After watching a few episodes I decided it would be much more entertaining to skip to the end where they reenact the simulation ran on the computer.  This upped the entertainment value of the show even more. Why?  Because, if you've ever watched an episode you know it's full of psuedo-science and idiotic machismo driven banter.  Each episode focuses on two different warriors, or teams of warriors (i.e. Green Berets, Spetnaz, Israeli Commandos, etc.)  Then they  test the weapons they will use.  This is where the "science" comes in.  They compare the weapons by having so called experts use them on test dummies to simulate real kills.

My first problem with their procedure is that they don't do this in a properly controlled scientific manner, none of their data is complete.  Each time a test is done, it's completely different than the opposing team's test.  Example, in an episode titled Mafia vs. Yakuza, the Mafia team used a baseball bat on a pig to determine how hard it hits, showing that it could break a pig's spine (analogous to a human spine apparently).  When it came time for the Yakuza to test their weapon of choice, the Nunchaku, they made they guy use it on a ballistics gel torso of a man filled with animal guts and blood.  Yes this shows what damage it could do to a human head, however, because the mafia team tested a bat on a pig carcass instead of a human analogue, it makes no sense to compare the data.  The mafia team did hit the gel head, but not until after the yakuza team member hit it three times.

At any rate "The Deadliest Warrior" is purely for entertainment purposes and serves very little educational purposes.  That doesn't stop people from watching it religiously, I'm just glad that I'm intelligent to know when I'm being flat out lied to.  On a lighter note there is a hilarious parody of this show on ScrewAttack called death battle.  I now fully appreciate the irony that this web series delivers.  Here's a good one that recently came out.  Enjoy.

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