August 10, 2011


Ha ha, If you can't read that then you wont know what this post is about!  Just kidding, I recently wrote about which German car companies were my favorites, now I'm going to give a little spiel on the Japanese Automotive Industry and which ones are my personal favs.

For starters there are a lot of Japanese Car Manufacturers, perhaps the most well know are Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.  Wikipedia has provided a much longer list, some of which are motorcycle and instrument manufacturers but you get the idea.  The major Japanese Automotive groups of today include;  Toyota (Lexus & Scion), Honda (Acura), Daihatsu (owned by Toyota), Nissan (Infiniti, Autech & NISMO), Suzuki, Mazda (pronounced matsuda in Japanese), Mitsubishi (literally meaning 3 diamonds), Subaru, Isuzu, Kawasaki (primarily motorcycles), Yamaha (motorcycles, scooters, recreational boats), and Mitsuoka (cars).

 I wont go into the history of the Japanese automotive industry, because technically it was there for a few decades, then it collapsed and then it came back after WWII.  The US had a hand in creating it in the first place, which was very interesting to know.  Just look at the Wiki on Automotive industry in Japan, it's fairly short and has links to each corporation and their subsidiaries.

So, a little background.  While I was on my mission in Japan I saw a lot of neat cars.  Sadly, not all of those cars are/were available in the US, so you might be scratching your head on a few of my choices.  Nevertheless I shall now divulge my top 3 picks.

3. Mazda -I think Mazda's are pretty nice.  I like the way they look, they have great acceleration and are over all nice cars.  I've never owned one, but If I was given the chance I'd want to get the RX8.  Its not a super car, but everyday when I come into work I see one parked outside and it makes me melt with jealousy.  Just take a peek at this model.  Also there's a new model coming out soon called the RX9, which looks even nicer!
Mazda RX8
Mazda RX9
2. Nissan -I'm giving them number two just because they have an awesome all electric car out on the market now.  The Leaf, look it up.  Anyway, that's pretty neat, but otherwise Nissan's cars are pretty average, except the GTR.  Designed to be a supercar, but also completely street legal.  It is by far one of my favorites as far as Japanese cars go.
Some lovely Nissan GTRs
Did I mention that Nissan is making an Electric version?  Yeah, they totally are.
1. Toyota - I really like a good reliable car, and Toyota has proven time and again that they can provide such cars.  My wife and I are very pro Toyota, she has a 2000 Camry and I own a 2007 Scion tC, which I will be selling soon...sigh...anyway, both cars are great, and get good gas mileage, but besides that they are fun and easy to drive and maintain.  

Aside from that Toyota as a company is constantly improving their vehicles and adding new features.  The Prius is among their best selling cars of course, but their other creations from Lexus and Scion provide a much broader area of aesthetic and functional value to consumers.  I know that Lexus is expensive, but compared to Luxury cars from Europe they are a steal!  And Scion give us affordable sporty cars with good gas mileage.  You might scoff a Scion tC's 4 cylinder engine, but it's designed to be quick.  I've been pleasantly surprised with my driving experience in that car over and over again.  Anyway, I choose Toyota as number one because they simply are the best there is, Honda is close to taking the lead, but I honestly think that will never happen.  Besides, who else would give us beautiful cars like these?
Lexus LFA
Scion FR-S

 So yeah, that's it.  Enjoy life!

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