August 24, 2011

Diablo III beta, next month?!

Is Diablo III's beta starting in September? I really really hope so.  I'm going a little crazy here wondering when the beta is going to start, and according to the interwebz it's slated for next month sometime.  That in no way means I will get an invite right away.  The Diablo III wiki's and news reports at state that the game will be released 6 months after the beta is announced.  This means that I may get a chance to play the beta in that time frame.

It's maddening to know about it but not really know. Meanwhile I've been biding my time by looking into another game similar in style to Diablo II.  It's called Path of Exile.  It's a free to play online game set in the post apocalyptic future...? but without advanced technology apparently.  The developers are in New Zealand, the same goes for the servers I imagine, so lag will be an issue, however, the game itself looks rather good.  Check it out for yourself if you please. You can even sign up for the beta which has already started.

Recently I got Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  Check out the review from at the bottom of the post.  I'm excited to play it, but school just started and I have hardly any time to do so during the day before I have to go to work.  It's a good thing I've got the weekends free.  I'm excited for next month, and I hope I'm luckier than most.  Blizzard! Hear my prayer!

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