September 14, 2011

Been A While

It's been a couple weeks or so since I last made a blog entry.  Things are going fine.  Life is well... life.  I have a semi-dedicated Minecraft server set up from my home computer, which is fun to build on.  Currently Curtis, Chris, Dustin, Dez, Steph and my Big Bro James are members of it.  It's just fun to hop on and create stuff that's cool to look at.  Anyway, Steph and I are going with James to Minecon this year.  It's in Vegas on November 17-19th.  It's going to be fantastic, I can hardly wait!

School and Work, Work and School and occasional play are the norm for me now.  Side note, my car needs new tires before winter strikes, and possibly new brakes.  I love my car now, it's definitely grown on me.  Part of my school schedule this semester is a cardio class, which is helping me be more healthy.  I'm going to get rid of my gut and tone up.  My goal is to be at a body fat percentage of at least 15%.  Right now I'm at around 23% which is pretty sad.  Yeah I'm overweight, stupid delicious snacks and fast food.

BTW, Curt and Roxy show Steph and I this wonderful Chinese place called Charlie Chow's.  It's down town on 400 S and something.  It's just superb.  The place seems like a hole in the wall, but that's where you get good food sometimes, err yeah.  Anyway, the best thing on the menu is the Dragon Grill which is an all you can eat Mongolian grill.  Just like the Chinese Buffet, but better!  There are several sauces, but the best is Charlie Chow's sauce.  I really want to eat there again, soon!

Oh yeah, Minecraft's Adventure update (1.8) came out.  No longer do I need to have mods for building and flying.  It works on the Server as well, which is really nice if you just want to build ad nausea (forever).  There's a lot of other cool stuff you can do now too, so check it out on Youtube or whatever.  If you don't own Minecraft, and you are reading this get it right now!  The full release is in November (during Minecon) and then the price will go way up.  If you excuse is you don't want to buy a Beta game for $22 then you need to know that it's worth every single penny!  I love this game more than any heavily commercialized blockbuster game out there.  Well that's not entirely true but whatever, you get the point.

Next month will be a big one, since BF3 is coming out, then in November Skyrim comes out on my B-day!  It's a good year to be alive!  The only things that could make this better is if I had a million dollars and an ice cream sunday ooh, and charlie chows dragon buffet dinner!

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