October 11, 2011

Video Game Fast

Steph decided to torture me, by putting me on a diet.  Not just any regular diet, but a diet from Video Games.  This is good for me though.  I have time to be more creative.  I still get to play Minecraft, which is good.  I've made a lot of really neat stuff in it now.  At any rate, I've resolved to do more creative projects, and I've got plans to start drawing a comic series.  It'll be about me and Steph and random things, mostly TV and Video Game pop culture related.  I think it will be rather hilarious.  But before that happens, we will be off to sunny SoCal for a week to go to Disneyland Park!  I'm so excited.  Oh yeah, I'm getting the full time position offered to me at work.  Time to work harder than ever.  On a related note, I will not have time for D&D on Friday's because of my schedule.  That wont change until November though.  That's my life in a nutshell for the moment.  See ya later!

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