November 26, 2011

Summed Up: My "Little" Skyrim Review

To start I just have to say that I'm so impressed with Bethesda Softworks ability to provide a truly satisfying 'vanilla' game this time around.  That being said I can go on to expunge my extensive exploration of Skyrim and it's numerous dungeons.

Before I started modding the game I took it as it was, a breathtaking adventure of monumental proportions. I started out as a humble Argonian prisoner of war and then blossomed into a death defying terror of unimaginable power. I will go into more detail providing screens of actual gameplay from my earliest stage to my latest.
aw, look at how cute and weak he is

November 01, 2011

Break it down

My oh my, another TV show that I've started watching.  Surprise, surprise! I'm Addicted! But seriously, this show is legit!  A chemistry teacher finds out he has cancer and decides to cook meth. Do I have to explain this any further?  Perhaps I do.