December 19, 2011


This morning, right before I woke up I experienced a most interesting dream. It was so lifelike that I got confused midway through. Thankfully my wife's phone rang waking me from the most surreal dreamscape I've experienced in months.

Now, I know that dreams don't last very long, perhaps a few seconds. This dream seemed to last for hours. If you've ever watched Inception then you know it's a scientific fact that the brain thinks faster when you are asleep and dreaming, therefore dreams feel much longer than they are in real life. Well, whatever. If you didn't know that then look it up or something, I'm not here to teach you neurology.

Anyway, on to the dream itself. I was in a game, literally in it. I think it was a sort of Halo game, but given that I haven't played that in ages seems odd to me. Anyway, it carried a more realistic tone to it so I'll just say that it was some sort of military shooter game. Yeah.

So I was on a team, and we were protecting some sort of objective. I was using this big sniper rifle that I had to connect the scope to. It wasn't already a part of the rifle I had to physically lock it into place on a rail system on the top of the rifle. We were up in a building and I was providing support. My other team mates were out in the field while I was taking out bad guys coming in towards them.

Eventually the enemy broke through our defenses and we had to switch to close quarters combat. But then a flash occurred and the game play suddenly changed.  We were all in the same room. There were several entrances into this room and we had to keep enemies from getting in. I suddenly had a rocket launcher. I perched myself over a staircase, the kind that alternates left and right like a switch back trail. Anyway, the enemy started closing in and I would fire upon them once they opened the door.

It was quite exhilarating actually. But then something weird happened, while I was blasting the enemies my teammates suddenly appeared, escorting the enemy through the doors just as I was blasting them. They yelled at me and said I should be kicked for friendly fire even though I didn't kill any of my teammates in the process. I was so confused that I then said "are we in a game?" they all responded with a unanimous "of course". So then the next question that naturally occurred to me was this "are we using full body controller suits?", everyone just stared at me and nodded their heads. Then I woke up.

I can't fully explain why I would even have this dream now, I haven't played any shooters for months due to Skyrim. I haven't even really played many games at all lately besides a little bit of Minecraft here and there. It's all very odd, but an interesting dream nonetheless. I've decided to keep better track of my dreams because a. they are awesome and b. they make for interesting stories. Once I get enough dreams documented I'll make a book out of it. That ought to be entertaining.

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