June 07, 2012

Fake Album Covers!

So, I made these back in 2008-09 I think.

It was for some "game" that was going around in Facebook.

I took it one step further, and made some excellent looking stuff in my opinion.

Also, this may or may not already be a real band name, lol.

I found all my fonts on DaFont.com and tried to be as creative as possible with their uses.

I also tried to add different photo effects to change the over all look of things.

This one is very poignant, but a bit hard to read. Before I understood how to place text better this is what you got, lol.

One of my particular favorites. It took me a while to get that swoosh with a paint brush.

I'd like to think this would be a really neat funk music band album.

This is the most recent edit, performed by me and my brother in early 2012 I think. We took a picture of this constantly changing led light with his Lumix Digital Camera, then did some quick editing in Lightroom and a Photoshop like program called Pixelmator. My brother then proceeded to create a fake website for the supposed new-wave German electronic music this band makes. I think I got that right...lol. It's been a while.

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