September 27, 2012

Blood Red Velvet

For this composition I started by creating a new layer within a 10x8 canvas. I then randomly painted single daubs of white using a basic paint brush. I applied the wind>blast filter to the paint daubs, and duplicated that layer. I then flipped the second paint daub layer horizontally and matched it up. I went into liquify, and ran the push brush through the daubs to make abstract shapes. After that I created another layer at the bottom, and filled it with black. I took the smudge tool to the paint daub layer, and rearranged the shapes to make them look like brush strokes. It eventually started to look like silk or velvet. After touching up spots to make them look smooth, I created another layer, and filled it with red and a blending mode of overlay to produce a sheen on the brighter parts.


  1. That looks amazing. I compared it to a picture of wrinkled up silk and the only thing that looks much different at all is that the folds' outside rolled edge have crisper lines. But dang that looks like you could just reach out and pick it up. nice.

  2. Thanks. I didn't even have a reference. I was just doing an assignment for my class and it transformed before my eyes. It was pretty neat.