November 01, 2012

Strange Things on Netflix

I was just perusing Netflix, mostly looking at the different typefaces of movie titles, and their designs when I happened upon something very strange. I don't know if it is intentional, but there is a whole series of videos featuring the Netflix HQ and a performer doing different things. I capture some screen shots to illustrate my find. The link to this 'series' is here.

Curious, I've never seen a show like this.

Seems legit.

A fountain. Enter hand idly playing with the water.

Man, running around pillars with Netflix envelope in hand.

Slalom between saplings.

...and do a cartwheel? Okay...

Moonwalk while watching Netflix maybe?

Sudden thrilling train scene.

These are just a few images I managed to capture. There are six episodes in all of Example Mixed FN Show en-US.

  • Fn
  • No FN
  • No Timed Text
  • CC Instead of Subs
  • Multiple FN
  • FN No Subs
 There were even numerous member reviews, all positive. Like this one.
"Please make a season 2. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens with the fountain and the Netflix building!!!!! I watch this every day!"
So what is going on here? I have no idea.

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