September 06, 2013

Anomaly Warzone Earth - One Hour Trial

Anomaly Warzone Earth is a mobile tower defense game, no not mobile as in only on mobile devices (although it is available on them); it's mobile in the fact that you control a constantly moving convoy of military vehicles trying to get through an area whilst defending themselves. The twist on typical TD games works in favor of Anomaly Warzone Earth in a lot of ways, which I will try to list below.

1. Commander: you control a commander who is, for all intents and purposes, practically invulnerable. He can move about the field of battle in any direction to pick up powerups and scout areas. His main role is to provide support for the convoy in various ways; repair units, drop smoke screens, drop decoy units. The commander draws aggro from fixed tower defenses and can die, but will be revived after 3 seconds, during which time your convoy can get hammered by unmitigated attacks.

2. Upgrades: you can buy units with cash harvested from tower kills and resource pickups. Each unit can then be upgraded. One of the more tactical aspects of the game is the positioning of units in the convoy. This can maximize the survivability of certain units due to their unique attributes.

3. Tactical Map: at any time during a mission you can pause the game and go to a tactical map that shows the whole battlefield. On the map you can change the route of the convoy to attack or avoid areas of contention. Some enemies cannot turn so it's a good idea to change up the route in order to avoid damage and using power-ups.

4. Power-Ups: As mentioned above the commander has access to power-ups which for a limited time perform a certain function. You can repair your units with an AOE beacon that lasts about 5 seconds. You can cover your convoy's assault with a smoke screen that causes enemy towers to shoot wildly. You can drop a decoy unit to distract towers. Using these power-ups tactically helps make each mission run more smoothly.

So after just one hour of playing I have to say that I really enjoy this game. I'll keep it installed and finish it someday. I might even buy the sequel. Good job 11 Bit, you made an excellent TD game that turns the genre on its head!

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