September 06, 2013

AYIM - One Hour Trial

And Yet It Moves is a rather strange little game, and I actually enjoyed it. Why? One word:


A 2D game with physics you say? Well yes in fact that is possible. In AYIM you control a cutout doodle-man who is trying to escape from, I don't know something terrible. Anyway the story is not important, what is important is how you get around in the game.

AYIM is essentially a continual physics brain teaser that requires you to think about the effects of momentum on your character and other objects. You can change the gravity of the world by pressing on the up, down, left, and right keys on the keyboard. W is used to jump; A and D to move left or right. Simple controls right? What could go wrong?... Well a lot actually. If you aren't careful when switching gravity each turn will cause you to gain more and more momentum until you hit a solid surface and then KERSPLAT!

The puzzles aren't all that difficult until you have to manipulate the gravity to move other objects while keeping yourself alive. It's a really fun game, and it's superbly easy to play. However, I'm not totally gripped by it so I think that playing it for one hour was actually enough for me. If I feel like playing a casual puzzle game again I'll know where to look.

Final Verdict:


Up next... Anomaly Warzone Earth

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